OSRBA Youth Competition

Judging & Breed ID

2019 OSRBA Mini Convention - May 3 - 5
Ohio Expo Center - Columbus, Ohio


For more information contact:
Hannah Foster
25548 Ridge Road
East Rochester, Ohio 44625

NEW THIS YEAR: All Management, Achievement, and Royalty Applications require both Applicant and Parent/Guardian signatures. Applications without BOTH signatures will not be scored.


Day of Contest Entry - Saturday May 4, 2019 - 8:30 am until 2:00 pm
For questions, please contact Hannah Foster at (330)771-1530 or youthdirector@osrba.net.

These contests are open to any youth member of the OSRBA. Exhibitors must be OSRBA members as of May 4th, prior to contest entry. This includes Individual or Family memberships as well as members of any affiliate rabbit or cavy club. Register at the Youth Contest Area.

Senior: 15-18 yrs. of age as of May 5th
Intermediate: 12-14 yrs. of age as of May 5th
Junior: 5-11 yrs. of age as of May 5th

You will identify up to 25 rabbits or cavies. You must state the breed, showroom classification, whether it is a 4 class or 6 class animal, and the registration variety. A separate animal or question will act as a tiebreaker. No abbreviations are accepted.

JUDGING CONTEST (Intermediates and Seniors ONLY):
You will judge classes of four animals. There will be at least one class of cavies. The breed, sex, and class will be given to you. You will be required to place the animals in order from first to fourth. This is a timed event of 7 minutes per class. Your score will be based on how close your placement is to the placement of the judge who has placed them before the contest.

SHOWMANSHIP (Prince and Princess contestants ONLY):
Showmanship will use the ARBA showmanship scoresheets. Exhibitors will be expected to bring their own animal for this portion of the contest. If these animals are not entered in the show, they may be housed in the youth contest area.

Youth wishing to be on the Judging Team for Nationals are highly encouraged to participate in the OSRBA Judging Contest as the scores will be used to determine teams. Only one judging team can be formed from youth around the state in each age division.

Youth wishing to be on Breed ID teams for Nationals do NOT have to participate in this contest but scores from this contest will be used to determine the teams. We can have unlimited Breed ID teams. These are formed from age appropriate youth from around the state. As many teams as possible will be formed!

If you are attending the 2019 National Convention in Reno, NV and would like to be a member of the Breed ID and/or Judging Team or Jr. Quiz Bowl team, please contact Hannah Foster at (330)771-1530 or youthdirector@osrba.net.


Download Youth Contest Packet

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