OSRBA Youth Competition

Achievement Contest

2018 OSRBA Mini Convention - May 4-6
Ohio Expo Center - Columbus, Ohio


For more information contact:
Hannah Foster
25548 Ridge Road
East Rochester, Ohio 44625

Download Achivement Application


NEW THIS YEAR: All Management, Achievement, and Royalty Applications require both Applicant and Parent/Guardian signatures. Applications without BOTH signatures will not be scored.



To acknowledge outstanding achievement and leadership by OSRBA youth members in the rabbit and/or cavy industry, as measured by activities and leadership in organizations and associations, performance at the show table, achievements in breeding and raising animals, and the vision and goals set for themselves and their project and to prepare Ohio Youth for the ARBA National Convention.


  1. This contest is open to any youth member of the OSRBA. Exhibitors must be OSRBA members as of April 15th, prior to contest entry. This includes individual or family memberships as well as members of any affiliate rabbit or cavy club. Attendance at the OSRBA Convention is not necessary.

  2. Application must be made using the form provided by the OSRBA Youth director. This form is available on the OSRBA Mini Convention at www.osrba.net/miniconvention.

  3. The age divisions will be as follows: 11 years of age and under, 12-14 years of age, 15-18 years of age. Age is determined by the contestant's age on May 7.

  4. Type out the questions and answer the question. Up to five pages, in reader friendly 12-point font with minimum ½ inch margins, printed on one side only, of information may be submitted by the applicant. There will be 30 points deducted for exceeding the maximum page count or submitting a form that is incorrectly filled out or incomplete. This deduction also applies to applications that include questions in the wrong order or are not included in the application. Visual aids may be included in this page count.

  5. The cover page is MANDATORY and does not count in the overall page count. Applications without the cover page will not be graded or eligible to win.

  6. Applications received by email must be in the form of a Word document or a .pdf. No Google Docs will be accepted.

  7. Winners will be announced Sunday morning at the OSRBA Convention. Contestants need not be present to win.

Applications must be e-mailed by 11:59 PM EDT or postmarked by April 15, 2018.

Send applications to:
Hannah Foster
25548 Ridge Road
East Rochester, Ohio 44625

Scoring Rubric:
Achievement 60 points
Leadership 50 points
Goals and Plans for the Future 40 points
Clarity and Thoroughness of Answers 30 points
Neatness and Appearance of Application 20 points
Total possible score: 200 points

Download Achivement Application