OSRBA Show Rules

2019 OSRBA Mini Convention - May 3 - 5
Ohio Expo Center - Columbus, Ohio



    1. All ARBA rules and regulations will govern.

    2. Neither the Ohio State Rabbit Breeders, its members, Ohio Exposition Center, nor its personnel will be responsible for any loss or injury, although reasonable care will be taken to avoid such from happening.

    3. The show officials reserve the right to substitute judges, or to secure the services of additional judges if required and interpret all rules under their privileges.

    4. The filing of an entry indicates acceptance of these rules. This show will be governed by the latest revised rules of the ARBA and the filing of entry indicates the acceptance of the same.

    5. Any official protest must be filed with the Show Superintendent.

    6. This show counts as double points toward the 2019 OSRBA Sweepstakes.

    7. Free coop space available for rabbits that are entered in the Ohio State Rabbit Breeder Association shows. Exhibitors are responsible for the care of their animals and making arrangements to get them to the show table.


    Service animals, rabbits, and cavies are the only animals allowed in the showroom.

    9. The show will accept all varieties & breeds which have an active COD on file with ARBA.

    10. Sick animals must be removed per discretion of the Show Superintendent.

    11. OSRBA does not allow video or audio recording at the show without permission of our show committee.

    12. Booth space is leased at reasonable rates. Non-animal merchandise sales must be confined to booths.

    13. No balloons are allowed in the showroom.

    14. Rabbits entered in the OSRBA Youth Show may not be entered in the OSRBA Open Show & vice versa.

    15. All ENTRIES shown in Youth must be placed on the table by a YOUTH.

    16. There must be 10 animals or more in the breed to receive an award.

    17. Parents: You are responsible for the behavior of your children and financially responsible for any damage or injury caused by them or others under your care. Please, be aware of their activities!

    18. Any animals left behind will become the property of the OSRBA.

    19. Substitutions, changes, or additions to entries will not be allowed at the judging tables. Any revision of paperwork at the judge’s table must first be approved by the show secretary. Any revisions not authorized will be null & void resulting in loss of all fees and awards.

    20. All entries for OSRBA sponsored shows must be checked in at Secretary’s Office. Entries must be signed as correct in entirety or corrections must be marked.

    21. OSRBA show entries are accepted by postal mail and e-mail by the published deadlines. Postal mail entries must be accompanied by a check or money order. Canadian checks will have a $10.00 service charge. E-mail entries may be paid using PayPal. (All major credit/debit cards accepted.) E-mail entries pay in show office upon check-in, if not pre-paid. Ear Tattoo Changes must be done in the show office by the published deadline.

    22. Non-sufficient checks plus $35.00 return check charge must be paid to the OSRBA no later than 20 days after the show date. Non-payment will result in entry invalidation and loss of all awards. All non-payments will result in being banned from OSRBA Convention Shows until fees are paid.

    23. OSRBA Awards must be picked up by the close of business on Sunday afternoon. NO AWARDS WILL BE MAILED.

    We hope you have an enjoyable time at our show!