Show Committee

2018 OSRBA Mini Convention - May 4-6

Ohio Expo Center - Columbus, Ohio



2018 OSRBA Show Committee

General Chairperson: Don Retcher (419) 789 - 2521
Assistant Chairperson:
John Borsick (419) 744 - 2243
Tracie Mills
Superintendent: John Borsick
Assistant Superintendent: Dawn Guth
Open All-Breed Rabbit Show Secretary (Saturday & Sunday):
Amanda Behee P.O. Box 235 New Madison, OH 45346
Assistant Open All-Breed Rabbit Show Secretary (Saturday & Sunday):
Kim Snyder
Youth All-Breed Rabbit Show Secretary (Saturday & Sunday):
Hazel Everetts 5214 Hahn Ave Fairborn, OH 45324
OSRBA Sponsored Specialty Show Secretary (Saturday & Sunday):
Mandy Hutcheson 278 Poplar St Pataskala, OH 43062
Commercial Rabbit Show Superintendent: Aaron Rousenberg
Assistant Commercial Show Superintendent: Betty Rousenberg
Open/Youth Commercial Show Secretary: Hazel Everetts
Cavy Show Superintendent: Becky Milks
Cavy Show Secretary: Laurie Norman
Show Treasurer: Bill Burns & Dawn Guth
Show Office Managers: Amanda Behee, Bill Burns, Renee Burns, Hazel Everetts, Mandy Hutcheson, Kim Snyder, Cathy Waite, Marie Waite

Judges Selection Committee: Terry Fender, Dawn Guth
Show Catalog: Kim Snyder
Show Catalog Ads Committee: Kim Snyder
Advertising Committee: Tracie Mills
Hotel Chairperson: Claire Howman
Booth Chairman: Ryan Lentz
Hall of Fame & Distinguished Service Award Committee:
John Borsick, Renee Burns, Claire Howman
Awards Committee: John & Mindy Borsick, Dawn Guth
Judges Conference: (Cancelled) Mike Adams
Announcer: To be announced Hospitality: Brenda Nelder
OSRBA Raffle Chairperson: Don & Gloria Schroeder
OSRBA Promotional Sales: Renee' Burns, Don & Gloria Schroeder
50-50 Raffle Committee: Don & Gloria Schroeder
Youth Scholarship Chairperson: Renee' Burns (440) 987-7008
Holly Rounds, Cathy Waite
Youth Activities Chairperson: Hannah Foster, Kellie Foster