OSRBA Show Catalog

2018 OSRBA Mini Convention - May 4-6

Ohio Expo Center - Columbus, Ohio


ONLINE Show Catalog is the current show catalog.

2018 Show Catalog Advertisements
Due Midnight, February 1, 2018

Show Catalog advertisements and payments are to be submitted by midnight February 1, 2018.
Advertisements must be submitted in black and white, high-end .jpg format preferred
(commercial level .pdf can be accepted).
See rates for combo advertisements in OSRBA’s newsletter, THE UPDATE.

2018 Show Catalog Committee Member (and UPDATE editor)

Kim Snyder
303 Feathers Drive
Saint Paris, OH 43072

Advertisements & payments are to be submitted to Kim Snyder.
Checks payable to OSRBA.

Questions directed towards advertisements shall be directed to Kim Snyder.

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OSRBA Mini Convention Show Location

Ohio Expo Center

717 E. 17th Ave, Columbus Ohio 43211

O'Neill Building and Voinovich Livestock & Trade Center!

Parking Fees Apply

Ohio Expo Center Website

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