2017 Dedications

2017 OSRBA Mini Convention - May 5-7

Ohio Expo Center - Columbus, Ohio


Chuck Henderson - OSRBA Honoree

Sheryl Spiers-Furer - OSRBA Memorial


OSRBA Honoree - Chuck Henderson

The 2017 OSRBA Mini Convention is honored to dedicate this year's show to Chuck Henderson. For over 30 years Chuck has worked countless hours to make the OSRBA what it is today. During this time Chuck has held many different positions including Director, Vice President, and President of the OSRBA.

His hard work included working to make the 1986, 1992, and the 2000 ARBA Conventions in Columbus the success they were. Chuck spent many hours helping make equipment used at these ARBA Conventions, and is still being used every spring at our Mini Conventions. This equipment is also rented out at many ARBA Conventions and National Breed Shows. He supervised and helped setup and teardown at Indianapolis, Fort Worth, and Grand Rapids Conventions. Many people do not realize the hard work needed to make these conventions a success. Chuck has attended many more ARBA Conventions and National Breed Shows as an exhibitor.


Chuck started going to rabbit shows when his son Chip wanted to get his merit badge in Boy Scouts, when he was a Scout Master in 1982. He has since raised Havana, Florida White, Californian, and Standard Chinchilla rabbits. Chuck with several others helped start the Great Lakes Standard Chinchilla Club and holding all the different offices over the years. He is a lifetime member of the National Chinchilla club as well as the ARBA. Chuck is a member of the Ohio California as well as the National California Club. He was member of the National Havana, Florida White, and Standard Chinchilla Clubs as well. Chuck was a member of the original State Line Rabbit Breeders Association, while holding every office of this club over the years. He has helped many youth and adult breeders over the years with quality rabbits and advice.

He had to give up raising rabbits and working at OSRBA Convention due to health reasons. We really miss Chuck helping setup and teardown at the Mini Conventions. He was usually one of the first to arrive and last to leave and spent countless hours working for the OSRBA. Chuck is a proud member of the OSRBA Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. We are now proud to dedicate the 2017 Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Convention to Chuck Henderson.

OSRBA Memorial - Sheryl Speirs-Furer

Sheryl Spiers-Furer was a vital figure in the OSRBA community and in many organizations across Ohio. When she died in February of 2016, she was serving as the Co-Youth Director and had been the UPDATE Editor for more than three years.

She was a 1991 graduate of Bowling Green State University, where she received her bachelors degree in a double major of biology and chemistry. Her career was with The Scotts Company as an Analyst in the Consumer Goods area.


An active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Sheryl was a member of the Lima and Kenton Chapters, and an Ohio Society State Board Member, and served on many committees in her Chapter and at the State level. In addition to DAR, Sheryl served as a Boy Scout leader, and was a valuable member of her church in Mt Victory. She loved animals and teaching, and was a docent at the Columbus Zoo with 20 years of service.

She was a 4-H Alum, and was an Advisor in Hardin County. Many of Sheryl's 4-H'ers were also involved with TeamOHIO. She provided transportation and support for her 4-H'ers, including housing rabbits over winters for some.

Rabbits came into her life when her son, Jordan, became involved with rabbits. She raised Thriantas, Cinnamons, Lilacs, and assisted Jordan with Jersey Woolies. English Spots and Californians went through their barn, as well as other varieties she "hosted" for kids or for Breed ID's. Sheryl was an active member in the Hardin County RBA, as well as Lima RBA, ARBA, and breed clubs.

Sheryl became involved with TeamOHIO in 2009. She started serving as a Zone Leader, assisting with training stations, providing snacks, and loved to find prizes. She was a great resource for training locations. She often met Lisa Hoffman at rabbit shows across the state and helped to set up and run Breed ID practices in the show rooms. She could always be counted on to find animals for training. She was always there to support the adult leaders and to encourage and recruit team members. ARBA Nationals often found her ramrodding a team, either for Ohio or District 8. She started the tradition of packing snack bags for the team members, and was often in charge of pizza orders

At Mini-Conventions, Sheryl's pineapple upside-down cake was a featured item for the shared birthday celebrations. She often timed judging classes, assisted in grading, and found adult help, including her husband, for the competitions and for the Scholarship raffle.

Many of our youth and adults have been positively impacted by Sheryl's involvement in OSRBA, TeamOHIO, and the larger community. She will be missed for many years to come.