2018 Dedications

2018 OSRBA Mini Convention - May 4-6

Ohio Expo Center - Columbus, Ohio


Honoree - Terry Grubb

Terry Grubb a longstanding New Zealand breeder and the Major of Market Fryers, was presented with the ARBA Distinguished Service Award for his steadfast support of the ARBA and the commercial rabbit community. Terry has been a continuous ARBA member for 25 years as well as Ohio clubs and OSRBA.

Terry's list of accomplishments on the show table are extraordinary, including the most BIS wins for Ohio Mini-Convention All Breed Show. But he would tell you his favorite times are showing those 5 pound powerhouses he is so well known for producing. He has headed up the chairman position at ARBA for the commercial department and has put in countless hours to helping breed contagious excitement into the rabbit industry as a whole. He has been instrumental in the growing commercial shows at the OSRBA Mini Convention and served on the OSRBA executive board.

At the local, state and national level Terry is widely recognized as a leader in the meat pen and commercial rabbit community. He has created innovative ideas to push the meat pen industry forward through his shared vision, organization and enthusiasm. As a Founding Member of the Ohio Market Rabbit Producers Association, involvement in the Ross County Fair, coordinating the premier New Zealand Fall Piketon Show, or activity the US Meat Pen Championships, one can easily see Terry's hard work and leadership skills with results in the high paid commercial show payouts, the most prestigious competition and the highest entry numbers. Terry's expertise and marketing skills are a recipe for success.

Each year the Ohio State New Zealand RBA holds an annual fall show at Piketon. Terry was instrumental in arranging the event to be a double show and the second show is in memory of Robert Crawford and Taylor Ramsey. Terry has donated to numerous scholarship funds and been a promoter for organizing the Robert Crawford Scholarship Fund.

Terry has given his all to our organization. He has made a huge impact at the local, state and national level for meat pens and commercial rabbits. He is a staunch supporter of involving youth in agriculture and the tremendous impact rabbit projects have had on not only rural youth but also those living in urban centers. Terry, along with the Ross County Extension has sponsored, promoted and successfully developed one of the largest and prestigious commercial shows in the country at the Ross County Fair in Chillicothe.

Congratulations to you Terry! You have lead us from the front and has given much to move this great hobby forward! For everything you do for the OSRBA, the commercial meat pen industry and the positive development of our youth, we thank you..


Honoree - Glen Carr

Glen Carr has been a huge part of ARBA and the Ohio rabbit industry. In 1956, he began raising Checkered Giants in Ohio and became a judge in 1964. He became the first judge in ARBA to judge in all 50 states, but Ohio is always special to him. Glen has mentored many in the rabbit industry and most notably many Ohio Checkered Giant breeders look to Glen for advice.

He served as the ARBA Executive Director for 24 years and also holds the record for being chosen to pick the most ARBA national convention BIS rabbits. The rule stating a judge must sit out 2 years from the convention voting after they are selected to judge a group or BIS was made because Glen was picked so often. Whether judging or breeding, Glen has an eye for rabbits of any breed. He was also inducted into the ARBA Hall Of Fame in 1994 becoming the youngest member to be inducted to date.

Glen has been a top breeder of almost any breed he has raised but is best known for the Checkered Giant. He was president of the American Checkered Giant Rabbit Breeders from 1973-1977. At Glen's first ARBA convention in 1976 in York PA, he won BIS with his Checkered Giant becoming the first and only Checkered Giant breeder to win this honor. Afterward he was inducted into the American Checkered Giant Rabbit Breeders Hall of Fame in 1987. Some of his good friends and fellow breeders speak very highly of him and his mentoring.

Along with Checkered Giants, Glen was the second holder of the Thrianta COD. In 2003, he presented the breed to the ARBA standards committee and passed with a unanimous approval. He was a founding member of the American Thrianta Rabbit Breeders along with Carol Hooks and Bob Whitman. He then presented the breed a second time and passed again unanimously in 2004. The breed was fully recognized starting Feb 1 2006. This was the first new breed approved since 1988.

Along with all these accomplishments, Glen served on the Ohio Rabbit Breeders Association executive board for many years. Now he is a regularly scheduled judge at the Ohio Mini Convention. He also ran the Ohio State Fair Rabbit department and has many fond memories of his time there. It is always a joy to have him back to judge the youth. You can always find the youth listening intently to his words of advice around the table.

Glen has tirelessly promoted the ARBA and the rabbit industry because of his love of both rabbits and cavies, making him a huge asset both nationally and to everyone here in Ohio. He has promoted Ohio specialty clubs and has encouraged many breeders to keep perusing to better their respective breeds through mentoring anyone who wants it. All of this has led to the OSRBA dedicating the Ohio Mini Convention show to Glen Carr.