2015 OSRBA Mini Convention
Columbus, Ohio (Expo Center)
May 1 - 3, 2015

Judge's Conference — National Shows
Specialty Shows — All Breed Show

Showroom is available to accept animals starting at noon on Friday, May 1, 2015
All animals must be entered into a Saturday or Sunday show to be allowed in the showroom.


Website Updated (4/24):
Additonal Hotel Added
Belgian Hare Sunday Sanction
Checkered Giant Specialty
Tan Specialty

Double American Sable Specialty

Thrianta Specialty Show Judge Change


Mini Convention FAQ

We welcome the following National Shows!

Angora Giant Chinchilla Lionhead
Britannia Petite Jersey Wooly Netherland Dwarf
Flemish Giant Lilac Velveteen Lop

We welcome the following Specialty Shows!

American Fuzzy Lop English Spot Mini Rex
American Sable English/French Lop Mini Satin
Angora Florida White New Zealand
Britannia Peitte Giant Chinchilla Polish
Californian Havana Rex
Champagne D'Argent Holland Lop Satin
Checkered Giant Jersey Wooly Tan
Dutch Lilac Thrianta
Dwarf Hotot Mini Lop Velveteen Lop

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